Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy

There was a period, when the development of India football was in a stalemate condition. Youth development was so necessary at that time to bring back the lost pride and the glory of Indian football. At that time, Mohun Bagan Athletic Club showed the light by setting up its own residential academy in Durgapur on 20th July 2002.
Since long back, India have set a target to participate in the FIFA World Cup and with this vision, Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy has tried its best since the beginning, to bring more and more number of young talents of this country into the mainstream of Indian football, who will definitely put India in the map of World Cup playing nations.

The primary objective of Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy is simple – “Spot and Groom the Youth” with the best of training using modern techniques, tactics, physical and psychological conditioning and related inputs, so that in near future, India could see them in the national platform.

Last few years Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy has produced players like Manish Bhargav (Mohun Bagan AC), Ram Malik (Mohun Bagan AC), Dipendu Dowari (Bhawanipur Sporting Club), Souvik Chakrabarti (Mohun Bagan AC, United Sports Club, Delhi Dynamos, Jamshedpur FC), Shankar Oraon (Mohun Bagan AC), Safar Sardar (East Bengal), Vashum (East Bengal, TRAU FC), Pronay Halder (Dempo SC, Mohun Bagan AC, India National team), Tirthankar Sarkar (Mohun Bagan AC), Sanjay Boro (Assam Electricity Board), Argha Chakrabarty (Mohun Bagan AC), Sourav Chakrabarty (Bhawanipur SC),T.Lalnun Puia (Rangdaziad FC), Amit Saha (Rangdaziad FC), Adarsh Lama Tamang(Mohun Bagan AC), Sudipta Banerjee (Bhawanipur Sporting Club) and many more who are now dominating the Indian football. Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy feels proud of its cadets who are glorifying the Indian football.

Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy believes that there are many ways to develop the entire project of youth football development and will try to develop all that by receiving the love, respect and regards from all the football lovers of India and around the world. Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy believes that this development will definitely contribute to our nation and make the mission to participate in the FIFA World Cup, a successful.


Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy is situated in North East India in the industrial town Durgapur, on the banks of river Damodar. Known as the steel hub of West Bengal, Durgapur is growing fast as a major industrial centre in Eastern India. Starting from modernization and developing infrastructural facilities of the Durgapur Steel Plant, the state government is trying to project Durgapur as a progressive city in all respect. National Highway (NH2) makes journey to Kolkata from Durgapur comfortable. Durgapur can be reached by railways as well as by Flights (as nearby Airport is 5 K.M away from the academy). Necessary navigation arrangements using SAIL’s personal airstrip in Durgapur can be negotiated in case of emergency. Well furnished Guest House, Hotels and Resorts also available nearby Academy. Thus the Academy is ideally based in Durgapur with the best possible amenities.