Morning Session

Other Training

Break Session

Afternoon Training Session

Evening Break

Recreational/Relaxation Hours

Developing Concept

Psychological Analysis & Development

Discussing and observing individually and noting down the specific psycological data of individual playes, Suitable adjustment on this area is taken care off. Attentively, Attitude, Creativity and above all killing Instinct are regularly checked up and motivsted accordingly.

Monitoring Growth

Controlled through noting down regular attendance, active participation in individual’s activities as well as performance during teams’ participation.

  • Basic endurance
  • Basic strength (Through Weight Training)
  • Speed endurance (Through Shuttle Runs)
  • Speed measurement (Through Circuit Training)
  • Reaction speed training (Based on Positional Play through different mothodologies)
  • Basic Technique
  • Advanced Technique
  • Coordination Development




Kits for Individual Players

Sufficient kits starting from 4 pairs of boots ending with 4 sets of casual dress for outside movements are provided to each cadet and if necessary additional kits could be supplied base on necessity.

Stipend & Conveyance

  1. Rs. 1000/- (Group-A) & Rs. 2000/- (Group-B), Monthly (For each individual)
  2. Travelling Expenses.
  3. Up & Down fare during Academic leave (Annually Twice)

Ground Facility

Gymnasium Facilities

  • Leg (thigh, calf, hamstring,adductors) strengthening
  • Lower back strengthening including abdomen
  • Upper body strengthening 
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Medicine Ball
  • HIP flexor (4 stationed)
  • Leg curling/extensor (4 stationed)
  • Bench press arrangements
  • Balance beam
  • Leg strengthening Tools
  • Jumping Boards
  • Gymnastic mats


Nutritious food and drink as per the instruction of Qualified Dietitians to provide total calories of 4000 to be served throughout the day.


Generally academy provides 3 bedded well airy room with attached toilets with modern fittings for Players. Necessary lines are regularly supplied.