Celebrating Herritage Victory & Glory... for 125 Years!


Established in the year 1889, Mohun Bagan Club is synonymous with national pride. During the height of India’s struggle for freedom against British colonial rule, the country found a new voice when Mohun Bagan Club defeated a British side Yorkshire Regiments in the final of the IFA Shield on July 29, 1911. The victory achieved a sort of mythical proportion as players of Mohun Bagan played bare foot against the strong British side. And after India gained Independence of August 15, 1947, Mohun Bagan Club was rewarded with the title of National Club of India, an award it cherishes dearly and tries to maintain its dignity. The Club has won a number of domestic tournaments. Most importantly, it has lifted the National League title thrice in the League’s short history. In the year 2002, the Club reached the third round of the AFC Champions League before being knocked out by South Korean side Daejon Citizen . The Club is determined to promote and uplift the game of soccer in the country. In this regard, it has built a football academy .

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